International English School - Wonju, South Korea
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Our Program:

Better than a regular school in North America: Canada or the USA.

Study: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Conversation, Grammar, Speech, Theater and Communications.

Maximum of 5 students per class.

All teachers are Native English Speakers.

All classes are conducted in "English only."

We offer the only true English immersion program in Wonju. 

Test and interview results show that our students learn English at least six times as fast as students in any other institute or private school program.

Students who follow our program, at Wonju International English School, typically progress faster than students living abroad in an English speaking country with a host family and studying in a regular school.

For your child to learn English, the best school anywhere is
International English School in Wonju, South Korea.
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Wonju, South Korea
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